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Mexican Cavalry Saber

Photo: Courtesy Albert Chennault, West Bloomfield, Michigan

(Equivalent in size to U.S. Model 1860 Cavalry saber)

Owned by Sergeant John Ward Seminole Negro Indian Scout & Medal of Honor recipient

Marking on brass hand guard: "Estado de Zacatecas"

Under the command of Lieutenant John L. Bullis, the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts, including Sgt. Ward, made border crossings into Mexico in pursuit of Lipan and Mescalero Apache Indians, with the 4th Cavalry under Col. R.S. Mackenzie in 1873, the 10th Cavalry under Capt. T.C. Lebo in 1874, the 10th Cavalry and 24th Infantry under Lieut. Colonel W.R. Shafter in 1875-76, the 10th Cavalry under Capt. A.S.B. Keyes & the 8th Cavalry under Capt. S.B.M. Young in 1877. By the end of that decade, these hard fought campaigns in the mountains of northern Mexico and along the Rio Grande ended the Indian wars in southwest Texas. Sergeant Ward acquired this sword during one of these forays into Mexico. Given to Charles G. Downing in 1956 by Mrs. Dolly July, daughter of Sergeant John Ward. A gift to the Fort Clark Historical Society by Gordon Downing as a memorial to his father, Charles G. Downing, active historical society member 1981-1993


SOURCE: Fort Clark Museum, Brackettville, Texas

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