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THE WARRIORS - Descendants of Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts

Ethel and William 'Dub' Warrior

L-R: Veronica Warrior, Izola Warrior Raspberry and William

Veronica Warrior is the daughter of Ethel and William "Dub" Warrior

Ethel Warrior is the granddaughter of Scout Billy July and great granddaughter of Sampson July.

Scout Carolina Warrior is the grandfather of brother and sister William "Dub" Warrior and Izola Warrior Raspberry. Scout Bill Warrior is their great grandfather, and Tony Warrior is their great great grandfather

Izola is also the widow of Will Raspberry who served at Fort Clark during World War II with the 9th and 27th U.S. Cavalry Regiments.

Billy July was born in Mexico and enlisted in the Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts Detachment at age 20 and served from May 29, 1884 to July 16, 1914, after which time he transferred to the 10th United States Cavalry Regiment.

Carolina Warrior, born in Texas, enlisted in the Scouts on October 11, 1893 and served until July 14, 1914. He transferred to the 9th U. S. Cavalry and served until his death in the Phillipines.

Bill Warrior was born in Mexico in 1854. He was the son of Tony Warrior. He enlisted as a Scout on November 9, 1871 and mustered in by Major Zenas R. Bliss at Fort Duncan. Texas, and served until June 8 1882 when he was mustered out at Camp Myers, Texas.

Tony Warrior is believed to have been born in Indian Territory (Ohlahoma) or Arkansas. It is said he collaborated with and assisted John Horse in the movement of his followers from Indian Territory to Mexico. According to Don Swanson who researched and published "Seminole, Lipan, Cherokee, Creek Indian Scouts - Enlistment Records - Fort Clark," Tony had three sons, Bill, Scott and John. All served as Scouts. He also stated that John's name was changed to John Ward by the enlistment officer when he was mustered in on August 16, 1870 at Fort Duncan, Eagle Pass, Texas. John was mustered in by Major Zenas R. Bliss at age 25 and served for 24 years until October 4, 1894.


Telephone interview with Ethel and William "Dub" Warrior, Del Rio, Texas - September 3, 1999.

Telephone interviews with Izola Raspberry, St. Louis, Missouri - September 4 and 5, 1999.

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