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Joni M. Jordan was born and reared in Del Rio, Texas. In 1975, working very closely with Texas Rural Legal Aid, Inc., and a tenant of Public Housing, she organized the Del Rio Housing Tenants Organization to address and attempt to solve the irregularities in the administration of Del Rio Public Housing Programs. In her role as President of this special group, she attended meetings at U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in San Antonio, Texas, and appeared with her group before the Del Rio City Council to focus attention on the unfair treatment of tenants in Del Rio Public Housing and the fact that the program was not being administered in accordance with Federal guidelines.

The efforts of this organization brought to public attention the many hidden irregularities that had existed for years. After many informal, formal meetings, and much publicity, the Director of 35 years retired. The focus on these issues ultimately resulted in a Federal lawsuit being filed on behalf of the tenants after years of struggle and confrontations.

She began her Federal career in early 1975 as a Clerk Typist, GS-3 in the Civilian Personnel Office, Laughlin Air Force Base. She then became an EEO and Staffing Specialist and spent 22 years in that field. In 1994 she was reassigned to the position of Employee Relations Specialist.

In 1977 she organized the Black Heritage Committee to plan and execute programs for what was then Black Heritage Week and is still Chairperson of this committee which is involved in base and community activities. Ms Jordan has always been active in the field of EEO and served as the Black Employment Program Manager for Laughlin AFB from 18 Jun 79 to 17 Aug 88 and was reappointed to this position in 1994. She was selected as the Best Black Employment Program Manager in Air Education and Training Command for 1997.

She is a direct descendant of the Black Seminole Indian Scouts who were stationed at Fort Clark in the 1800's; is an active member of the Black Seminole Indian Scouts Cemetery Association in Bracketville, Texas and she is member of Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church.

Ms. Jordan was the mother of four children, however, her youngest son, Kevin R. Jordan, passed away on 15 December 1996 after a four year and 11 month battle with a malignant brain tumor at the age of 33. The Jordan Family established the "Kevin R. Jordan Memorial Building Fund" in an effort to renovate the building on the old school grounds in Brackettville, Texas that is owned by the Black Seminole Indian Scouts Cemetery Association and annual activities are held there. This is where all descendants of the Black Seminole Indian Scouts attended school in the early days. When segregation ended, the Black Seminole Indian Scout Cemetery Association purchased the property. Willie M. Jordan, Jr., is a resident of Austin, Texas; Eva L Jordan is a resident of Dallas, Texas; and Irven W. Jordan is a resident of Houston, Texas.

She remains very active in base/community activities and stands ready and willing to lend assistance wherever she can. As a single parent, she made sure all four of her children attended to college. Willie graduated from Angelo State University; Eva graduated from Southwest Texas State University; Irven completed 3 years at Texas Southern University; and Kevin was a senior student at Southwest Texas State University and only needed 16 semester hours to complete his degree in Criminal Justice when he was stricken with a malignant brain tumor.

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