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John July

SOURCE: Kinney County 1852-1977. Published by the Members of the Kinney County Historical Commission (of 1976-1977)

Another Seminole of note is John July. He was known to many a rancher as an outstanding cowboy. Here is a short account of some of his activities.

John July was born May 5, 1887 on the Seminole Reservation near Brackettville. His parents were Army Scout Bill July and Dolly Ward July. Dolly's father was John Ward who was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor as the brave fighter with Col. McKenzie and Lt. Bullis who saved Bullis' life in an Indian fight on the Pecos. John liked to go hinting with his grandfather. John walked about three miles to school in Brackettville with other Seminoles and to church on Sundays. They bought supplies at Petersen's.

Audie Factor taught John to be a cowboy. At age 12 he got a job with Sol West on the Gabler Ranch. Then he worked for Russ Martin. When John was working on the Friter ranch he saved the life of Dan Fritter. Dan's saddle broke off the horse and a mad bull was about gore him. John grabbed Dan up behind him on the horse and rode away. This was the way his grandfather, John Ward, had saved Bullis from the Indians.

He worked on the Furnish Ranch, near Eagle Pass, on Morrison's Ranch, for Jack Richardson and for Mattie Hybarger.

His pay. He began at 40¢ a day and later, near Eagle Pass, for 75¢ a day. "But then" he says, "$1.50 would buy a pair of shoes."

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