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Summary and Conclusion Concerning Bermuda Grass in Oklahoma (1914 Newspaper Article)

Researched and posted by Bennie J. McRae, Jr.

Bermuda grass grows rapidly, is the best pasture grass grown in the Southern States, and is particularly suited to the climatic conditions of Oklahoma.

  1. It makes a good lawn, prevents land from washing, and grows on almost any soil.
  2. The most practical method of planting Bermuda grass is to set out small pieces of the sod.
  3. This grass makes hay which is remarkably high in protein, being excelled by but few hays.
  4. The nutritive ratio of Bermuda hay varies from 1:3.06 to 1:6.4. 
  5. Bermuda hay is easily digested and has no equal as a cheap food for cattle.

Okla. Exp. Sta. Rpt. 1910.

SOURCE: The Negro Farmer - Saturday, June 6, 1914. Published by the Negro Farmer Publishing Company, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama. - Isaac Fisher, Editor and Business Manager

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