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Oklahoma Colored Farmers (1914 Newspaper Article)

Researched and compiled by Bennie J. McRae, Jr.

SOURCE: The Negro Farmer - Saturday, June 6, 1914. Published by the Negro Farmer Publishing Company, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama. - Isaac Fisher, Editor and Business Manager

June 6, 1914

There are 20,671 colored farmers in the State.
These farmers work 2,276,711 acres of land.
They own 1,599,655 acres of land.
The value of their property, land and buildings, increased from $14,149,980 in 1900 to $47,221,793 in 1910.
Fifty-three and nine--tenths per cent of the colored farmers in the State own their farms.
Forty-five and nine-tenths per cent of these farmers are tenants.
In 1900, 746,916 acres of the farms worked by colored farmers were improved land; in 1910, 1,172,819 acres were improved.

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