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Americana Historical Art

presents Pride over Prejudice

by Rick Reeves

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Americana Historical Art

March 18 - 21, 1998 will mark the unveiling of the AFRICAN AMERICAN CIVIL WAR MEMORIAL in Washington, D.C. In recognition of this significant event, Americana Historical Art proudly announces the publication of this first release in a new series:

Pride Over Prejudice by historical artist Rick Reeves

PRIDE OVER PREJUDICE by historical artist Rick ReevesTowering, nobly, yet authoritatively, above their captured foe, two African American soldiers, exude the dignity and pride that shattered the shackles of bondage and helped vanquish the prejudice of an entire nation.

Driven by the desire for equality and respect, 185,000 African American men heedlessly answered President Lincoln's 1863 call-to-arms. Rising above the scorn, skepticism, and cruel stereotypes of both Northerners and Southerners, these heroic soldiers, former slaves and freedmen alike, courageously fought and died on some of the fiercest battlegrounds of the American Civil War.

Through this signed and numbered limited-edition print, artist Rick Reeves powerfully and dramatically conveys the triumphs of the gallant African American Civil War soldier and celebrates their contribution to the preservation of the Union. Future releases in "Altar of Freedom" will further recognize the significant and until now, unheralded accomplishments of African American soldiers in the defense of their country.


See Pride Over Prejudice, A Civil War Historical Narrative by Major George E. Reynolds.

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