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Americana Historical Art

The Organization

The Artist

Military historical artist, Rick Reeves, was born in Tampa, Florida, in 1959. He graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Studio Art and began his career as a commercial artist.

Rick transitioned to Civil War art in the late 1980s and immediately gained acceptability in the market through his visually detailed and historically accurate work. Today, Rick is an established leader in the military art genre and his powerful and thought provoking paintings and prints are highly sought by collectors nationwide.

Florida is still home to Rick and his family; wife Cheryl Jackson and children, Katie, Jackson, and Molly.

The Publisher

Americana Historical Art is owned by Maggie Reynolds together with her husband, Army Major George Reynolds. Longtime Civil War art collectors and dealers, "Pride Over Prejudice" represents their first effort as publishers of limited edition art. Americana Historical Art will release two more exciting Rick Reeves prints this year and have several equally outstanding issues planned for 1998.

The Series

"Altar of Freedom" is a dramatic new series of limited edition art which will effectively and accurately convey the triumphs of the gallant African American Civil War soldier. Combining the keen and unmatched artistic talents of Rick Reeves with thorough historical narrative, "Altar of Freedom" will movingly celebrate the tremendous, and for the most part unheralded, contribution of Black soldiers to the preservation of the Union.

Americana Historical Art will release the second print in this series in February, 1998. Titled "Leading the Charge for Freedom", this stirring piece features African American Andre Callioux, a captain in Louisiana's Native Guards/Corps d'Afrique, heroically leading his gallant troops forward against a Confederate position during the 1863 Battle of Port Hudson.

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