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Take a Veteran to School Day - Event Summary

Honoring Veterans and Invited Guests

Sponsored by

The History Channel
Time Warner Cable
Washington Senior High School

3:00 P.M. - Thursday, November 1, 2007

Washington Senior High School
1200 Willard Street
Washington Court House, Ohio

Event Summary

By Kelsey Smith
2007/08 Research History Class
Washington High School

The Washington Senior High Research History Class teamed with The History Channel and Time Warner Cable hosted, on November 1, their "Take a Veteran to School Day" Program. The program was held after school to recognize the veterans and give them our thanks. Of the forty-two veterans in attendance 23 were from World War II, 11 from the Korean War, 5 from the Vietnam War, and 3 from the War on Terrorism. The program included a speaker from each of the three host groups followed by a reception. Dr. Kim Gilmore, a historian from the history channel, and Jean Arthur, a representative from Time Warner, explained a little about all the "Take a Veteran to School Day" programs that they have helped with around the United States. Paul LaRue gave a brief summary of how the Research History class was begun and how it works. Two students and two previously interviewed veterans presented sample interviews in order to demonstrate what the Research History class is currently working to accomplish. Jason Dominguez, a member of Lima Company, which had a high number of casualties in the War on Terrorism, spoke about his experiences over seas. The program was concluded with a presentation, from the History Channel, to the local American Legion Posts #25 and #653 of $1000 each. The reception following was a big hit to bring together the veterans, students, and other friends.

Take a Veteran to School Day

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