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Martiriano Aguirre Reinterment Ceremony

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

San Antonio, Texas
Friday, December 1, 2006, 11:00 AM

Martiriano Aguirre (1863-1921), a Yaqui Indian, was born in Mexico and served as a Scout in the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts Detachment based at Fort Clark, Texas from April 8, 1878 to May 14, 1882.

The descendants of Martiriano Aguirre wishes to extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to:
The Enlisted Men & Women of Lackland Air Force Base
The Chief's Group, Lackland Air Force Base
Chief Master Sergeant Dwayne Hopkins, Lackland Air Force Base
The Civilian population at Lackland Air Force Base
The People OPA, Fort Sam Houston
Mr. William Trower, Director, Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
Mr. Patrick Lovett, Director, National Cemeteries in Kentucky
Mr. Bennie J. McRae, Jr., Lest We Forget Website
Lieutenant Earley Teal and The Bexar County Buffalo Soldiers
Mr. Guillermo Puente, Puente & Sons Funeral Chapels
Mr. Roberto L. Galan, Jr., Cemetery Representative
The Aguirre Family for their Love and Support in the venture
Mr. Steve Zavala, American Indian Association
Mr. Richard Naateh Luna, White Mountain Apache
Mr. Lonie Schule, Green Beret Veteran, Green Beret Association
Mrs. Lynda Aguirre, wife of Michael Aguirre
Photos by Michelle Aguirre, San Antonio, Texas

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