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First Regiment Kansas Colored Infantry

Designation of Regiment changed to 79th U. S. Colored Infantry December 13, 1864.


Organized at Fort Scott and mustered in as a Battalion January 13, 1863.

Attached to Dept. of Kansas to June, 1863.

District of the Frontier, Dept. Missouri, to January, 1864.

Unattached, District of the Frontier, 7th Corps, Dept. of Arkansas, to March, 1864. 2nd Brigade,

District of the Frontier, 7th Corps, to December, 1864.


Duty in the Dept. of Kansas October, 1862, to June, 1863.

Action at Island Mound, Mo., October 27, 1862.

Island Mound, Kansas, October 29.

Butler, Mo., November 28.

Ordered to Baxter Springs May, 1863.

Scout from Creek Agency to Jasper County, Mo., May 16-19 (Detachment).

Sherwood, Mo., May 18. Bush Creek May 24.

Near Fort Gibson May 28.

Shawnee town, Kan., June 6 (Detachment).

March to Fort Gibson, C. N., June 27-July 5, with train.

Action at Cabin Creek July 1-2.

Elk Creek near Honey Springs July 17.

At Fort Gibson until September.

Lawrence, Kan. July 27 (Detachment).

Near Sherwood August 14

Moved to Fort Smith, Ark., October, thence to Roseville December, and duty there until March, 1864.

Horse Head Creek February 12, 1864.

Roseville Creek March 20.

Steele's Camden Expedition March 23-May 3.

Prairie D'Ann April 9-12.

Poison Springs April 18.

Jenkins Ferry April 30.

March to Fort Smith, Ark., May 3-16, and duty there until December.

Fort Gibson, C. N. September 16.

Cabin Creek September 19.

Timber Hill November 19.

Mustered out at Pine Bluff, Ark., October 1, 1865, and discharged at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, October 30, 1865.



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