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Adjutant and Inspector-General's Office,
Richmond, Va., June 13, 1862.

It is necessary for the War Department to impress slaves to complete certain fortifications for the protection of the country. The citizens of Halifax, Lunenburg, Charlotte, Pittsylvania, and Campbell Counties are therefore called upon to send forthwith one-fourth of their male slaves between the ages of sixteen and fifty to execute this work in the vicinity of Richmond. The negroes will be paid for at the rate of $10 per month each, and receive an ample supply of provisions [rate of compensation changed to $20 per month by order of the Secretary of War], the money to be paid by the Engineer Department to their masters promptly at the places where they may work. The cost of transportation to be paid by the Government.

    The bearer of this, Capt. William Turnbull, is authorized to give receipts for the negroes, and from the dates of said receipts  the Government of the Confederate States will be responsible for the slaves according to the laws of Virginia, with the additional responsibility for their value, should they escape to, or be injured by, the enemy. These negroes will be sent to the nearest railroad depots, in accordance with instructions to be given by the agent. Cost of transportation will be paid upon the production of evidence, signed by the agent, that it has been furnished. In order to facilitate the collection of the negroes the Government agent may appoint

sub-agents from among the owners of slaves in the counties called upon, two of whose negroes will be released as compensation for their labor.

By command of the Secretary of War:


 Assistant Adjutant-General.

SOURCE: United States War Department. THE WAR OF THE REBELLION: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1880-1901.



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