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Arkansas' United States Colored Troops in the Civil war

Dedicated to the memory of the thousands of Black soldiers from Arkansas, surrounding states and territories who served in the Union Army; and thousands of men and women (Contrabands) who escaped slavery or were liberated who worked for the Union Army as scouts, spies, nurses,  laundresses,  stevedores, foragers, general laborers, field hands, blacksmiths, teamsters, cooks, servants; and thousands of men, women and children who were not able to escape the bondage of slavery and were not freed until the end of the war or after ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment.

General Orders No. 143

(Places of organization and dates)

USCC = United States Colored Cavalry
USCHA = United States Colored Heavy Artillery
USCLA = United States Colored Light Artillery
USCI = United States Colored Infantry

BATTERY H, 2ND USCLA (Pine Bluff - as 1st Arkansas Colored Battery - June, 1864)

46TH USCI (Arkansas at large - as 1st Arkansas Infantry, A.D. - May, 1863)

54TH USCI (Arkansas at large -  as 2nd Arkansas Infantry, A.D. - September, 1863)

56TH USCI (St. Louis, Missouri - as 3rd Arkansas Infantry, A.D. - August, 1863)

57TH USCI (Duvall's Bluff, Little Rock, Helena - as 4th Arkansas Infantry, A.D. - December, 1863)

69TH USCI (Pine Bluff, Duvall's Bluff, Helena and Memphis, Tennessee - December 14, 1864 to March 17, 1865)

112TH USCI (Little Rock - as 5th Arkansas Colored Infantry - April, 1864)

113TH USCI (OLD) (Little Rock - as 6th Arkansas Colored Infantry - March, 1864)

113TH USCI (NEW) (Little Rock - April, 1865)


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