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Twenty-Fifth Army Corps.

Twenty-Fifth Army Corps.

Third Division


January, 1865

[January]--The number of the division was changed from First to Third per General Orders, No. 8, headquarters Twenty-fifth Army Corps, December 31, 1864. The One hundred and seventh [U S Colored] Regiment was transferred from the Third to the First and the Twenty-seventh [U. S. Colored] from the First, to Third Brigade by General Orders, No. 5, headquarters First Division, Twenty-fifth Army Corps, December 31, 1864

January 3.--Division headquarters, the Second Brigade (with the Thirtieth [U.S. Colored] Regiment temporarily attached), the Third Brigade (with the First [U.S. Colored] Regiment temporarily attached), left camp on the north side of the James and proceeded to Bermuda Landing.

January 4.--Embarked on transports.

January 5.--Sailed on the second expedition for Fort Fisher.

January 12.--Arrived off Fort Fisher at night.

January 13.--Disembarked and constructed a line of intrenchments across the peninsula facing Wilmington.

January 15.--The division held this line during the assault upon Fort Fisher by General Ames' division.

First Brigade, Third Division.

[January. ]--During the month the First and Thirtieth U.S. Colored Troops, of this command, have been on detached service in the Wilmington expedition. The remainder of the brigade has been in the defenses before Richmond.

[February.]--During the month the First and Thirtieth Regiments, of this brigade, have been engaged in the operations around Wilmington.

February 20.--The remainder of the command embarked on transports for Fort Fisher.

Second Brigade, Third Division.

January 3.--The brigade left camp at Chaffin's farm, Va.

January 4.--Embarked on transports at Bermuda Landing at night.

January 13.--Landed near Fort Fisher, N. C.; constructed and occupied the center of the north line of defenses.

January 18.--The brigade made a reconnaissance to Sugar Loaf.

January 19.--Made another [reconnaissance]. Lieut. Col. C. J. Wright, Thirty-ninth U.S. Colored Troops, was wounded; also Capt. N. J. Hotchkiss, Sixth U. S. Colored Troops.

January 21.--Captain Hotchkiss died at Fort Fisher.

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