Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Roster Of Officers 49th Regiment of Infantry Volunteers 1899-1901

Compiled by Anthony L. Powell

* = African American

Field and Staff

Colonel William H. Beck
Lieutenant Colonel Arthur C. Ducat
Major Carter P. Johnson
Major Ernest Hinds

Regimental Adjutant

Captain Robert Gage

Regimental Quartermaster

Captain Gilbert C. Smith

Regimental Commissary

Fred Dobler

Regimental Surgeons

Major Robert Burns
Captain William C. Warmsley*


William M. Hawkins*
Emmanuel D. Bass*
Floyd H. Crumbly*
Edward L. Baker Jr.*
John C. Proctor*
Robert G. Woods*
Thomas Campbell*
Frank R. Steward*
Charles W. Jefferson*
William R. Staff*
William D. Edwards*
Hamilton H. Blunt*

First Lieutenants

David J. Gilmer*
William H. Butler*
Leon H. Jordan*
Thomas C. Butler*
James H. Thomas*
Macon Russell*
William D. Pritchard*
Charles Spurlock*
Charles Perry*
Isaac W. Molony
Lafayette A. Tillman*
Ebbert W. Maden*
Robert Blakeman*
William Blaney*

Second Lieutenants

Afred M. Ray*
William McBryar*
Wyatt Huffman*
Beverly Perea*
George E. Payne*
Robert L. Geogh*
Leander W. Hayes*
Horace W. Wheaton*
Henry F. Walls*
Guilford E. Campbell*
James M. Dickerson*

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