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Skirmish near Bayou Tensas (26th) and expedition from Goodrich's Landing to Bayou Macon, La (28th-31st)

AUGUST 26-31, 1864

Report of Col. A. Watson Webber, Fifty-first U.S. Colored Troops.

Goodrich's Landing, La., September 1, 1864.

COLONEL: On the morning of August 26 a party of 200 guerrillas made a raid upon the plantations about this place which are leased by Tibbetts & Co. They killed two scouts after they had surrendered; carried away one white overseer and a young man by the name of Webster, clerk for the same firm; both the overseer and Mr. Webster were murdered by them as soon as they reached Bayou Tensas. Cavalry was immediately sent in pursuit, but did not overtake them. These highwaymen are commanded by a man named Lee, and although they are guerrillas, and commit the most abominable atrocities, they are permitted to remain near and co-operate with the regular rebel forces under General Harrison. He is really responsible for all their acts. As the people on Bayou Macon have many times petitioned Harrison to allow this Lee to remain near them, as their protector. I sent 230 mounted men under Maj. C. H. Chapin, Third U. S. Colored Cavalry to pay them a retaliatory visit. He accomplished all that I desired, and returned to this post yesterday. I forward herewith a copy of his report to me. I hold a certain Doctor Richardson as a hostage for young Webster in accordauce with General Orders, No. 4, dated headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi, November 5, 1863. In accordance with General Orders, No. 6, headquarters District of Vicksburg, May 12, 1864, I intend to seize all the movable and valuable property of secessionists living on Old River thirty miles above this post.

Trusting that my action in this matter meets the approval of the major-general commanding,

I have the honor to be, colonel, your very obedient servant,


Colonel Fifty-first Regiment U. S. Colored Infantry, Comdg.
Lieut. Col. H. C. RODGERS,
Assistant Adjutant-General, Hdqrs. District of Vicksburg.



Itinerary of the Post and Defenses of Goodrich's Landing, La., com- manded by Col. A. Watson Webber, Fifty-first U. S. Colored Infantry.*

During the past month various expeditions have been sent from this post into Mississippi and Louisiana; 30 prisoners have been taken.

August 26.--Two hundred guerrillas made a raid upon the plantations above this post leased by H. B. Tibbetts & Co. They cruelly murdered four white men and several colored people, as the rebel citizens living immediately beyond Bayou Macon had petitioned the regular rebel military authorities to allow this gang of highwaymen to remain on the Macon as their protectors and raid Yankee lessees, a retaliatory expedition was sent to that vicinity. The villages of Floyd and Pinhook, guerrilla rendezvous, were destroyed by fire, some property taken by the guerrillaa was recaptured, and 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, and 10 soldiers were killed.

*From monthly return.



SOURCE: United States War Department. THE WAR OF THE REBELLION: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1880-1901.


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