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From The Camp Nelson Notebooks

From the Camp Nelson Notebooks



Reprinted by permission from RALLY 'ROUND CAMP NELSON - The Newsletter of the Camp Nelson Restoration & Preservation Foundation, Volume 6, Number 2 - Spring/Summer 2002





The recently acquired "Receiving Book,  June 1863-January 1864" records all items  shipped to Camp Nelson during this period.  Most of the entries involve transportation  and offer new information on horse and  mule activities. Mules were used for pulling   supply wagons and were obtained from  consortiums of farmers in Kentucky and  Ohio. In addition to shipping up to 5,000 horses and mules at a time, Camp Nelson was a center for the rehabilitation of these animals. In order to care for what were called "unserviceable" horses and mules, Camp Nelson built horse recruiting stables, ponds, a reservoir, and corrals for 12,000  mules. In fact, Camp Nelson became a  model for the U.S. Army animal rehabilitation program. Horses were cared for at Camp Nelson itself, while the care of mules in need of recovery were contracted out to area farmers. As research into Camp Nelson continues, it appears that horse and mule activities were much more important and more extensive than previously thought.


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