Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Free Blacks in the City of Norfolk, Virginia - 1801

The researcher has capitalized street addresses but made no other changes in spelling.

Name Occupation Address Book Page
BAKER, JOHN shoe-maker 2 Borough Tavern Alley 8
BAILEY, LEMUEL shoemaker 13 Commerce Street 
Cumberland Street (fields)
DRAKE, FRANCIS barber 20 Main Street 13
GODWIN, LEWIS shop keeper 30 Water Street 17
JACKSON, HENRY pilot 12 Bank Street 20
PAYNE, BENJAMIN house carpenter 10 Boush's Lane 26
POOL (?), MARY seamstress 10 Bank Street 26
PETERS, WILLIAM sailor's lodging 3 Talbot Street 27
SCOTT, GEORGE carpenter 5 Fen Church Street 30
TYRE, ANN midwife 21 Fen Church Street 32
VENTUS, JOHN cabinet maker 70 Fen Church Street 32
WILLIAMS, NANCY seamstress 3 Calvert's Lane 33
WILLIAMS, BETSY washer and ironer 14 Calvert's Lane 33
WILLIAMS, JOHN painter 7 Brewer Street 34
WEAVER, ANN shop keeper 13 Bank Street 34

City Directories, Microfiche No. 1031, 1801 Norfolk, Virginia.  Library of Congress Microform Reading Room, Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C.  

From the researcher's Names on Record:  A Journal Featuring Virginians of African Descent 

Extracts from Simmon's Norfolk Directory for the Year 1801, Printed in 1801 by Augustus C. Jordan

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