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Three Davison Brothers Serve Overseas

Three Davison Brothers Serve Overseas

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Bill Davison
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

(Date published unknown)




Above are three sons of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davison, of West Franklin Street, two of whom have returned from overseas and the other is now in Europe.

At the left is Sgt. George Davison, who recently returned from the European war area where he served 13 months. Sgt. Davison landed with one of the first missions in France on D-Day. His wife Mrs. Mary Reeves Davison and small son reside here. He was recently here on furlough and is now stationed at Camp Stewart, Georgia. His furlough time expired only two days before his brother Lawrence returned from the South Pacific.

In the center is Pfc. Lawrence Davison, who has been home on furlough after serving in Australia and New Guinea for 14 months. He left yesterday to return to his base.

At the right is S-Sgt. Frank Davison, who is serving as sergeant major in his battalion. He has been overseas about a year.

All are graduates of Waynesburg High School and were basketball stars. Lawrence Davison was also a track star.



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