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1314th Engineer General Services Regiment


1314th Engineer General Services Regiment


Company A of the 1314th Engineer General Services Regiment.  It was one of many all-black companies lead by a cadre of white officers. This company was in Services Support, and did basically whatever needed done as a jack-of-all-trades sort of outfit:  heavy equipment operation, road and
building construction, clearing debris, repairing damaged roads and bridges, etc.  The photo was taken in 1944, and I believe it was in the spring of that year, in front of a building in Salisbury, England, where the company was pre-positioned for the D-Day invasion.  The unit went ashore at Normandy in very early August 1944.

Seeking additional information on the Regiment.
Phil Sammon
Public Affairs Officer
Wayne National Forest
13700 Hwy 33
Nelsonville, OH  45764
office 740-753-0862
fax 740-753-0118

NOTE: Phil Sammon's father was an officer assigned to the unit.



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