Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
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The Washington Senior High School Research History Class

The Washington Senior High School Research History Class

Washington Courthouse, Ohio


U.S.C.T. Soldiers Buried in Ohio

(United States Colored Soldiers in the Civil War)



Dedication Ceremony - Section # 13






  • The website features a map of Ohio linked to region pages. Each region page is further linked to a page for each county.
  • 3050 names are now included in the database, which we believe represents roughly 50% to 80% of all USCT soldiers buried in Ohio. These names were obtained from the Graves Registration Database of the Ohio Adjutant General's Office, which totals about 100,000 names in its entirety.
  • The site has been carefully rechecked, not only when inputting graves registration data into our database, but also during an "editing run" to ensure correctness and accuracy with the cards.
  • About page giving details about the project. Also, thank-you's to the many people and organizations who have either worked on the project directly or been a great help to us in our work.
  • Photo page showing photos from cemeteries in selected counties. Currently, pictures are available from cemeteries in 24 counties.
  • Contact Us page to allow anyone who visits our website to get in contact with us via e-mail, postal service, or phone.
  • Links page linking to other useful Civil War and USCT websites.
  • By summer 2002, we expect to have an alphabetical search function completed. Keep checking our website for updates on this important function, through our Alpha Search page.

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Bennie J. McRae, Jr.
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Trotwood, Ohio

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