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United States Colored Troops



Shelby County, Ohio

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P. Fazzini

SOURCE: R. Sutton's 1883 "History of Shelby County Ohio"

Page 370.

"Buckner, John, Private, Co H, 23rd U.S.C.T.; enlisted August 1864; discharged June, 1865."
Page 371.

"Jackson, Matthew, Private, Co. B, 27th U.S.C.T.; enlisted December 1863, discharged 1865."

"Ladd, George, Corporal, Co. B, 5th U.S.C.T.; enlisted November, 1863; discharged September,1865."
Page 372.

"Spears, David, Sergeant, Co. A, 55th Mass.; enlsited May 1863; discharged August 1865."

"Smith, Robert, Private, Co. H, 54th Mass.; enlisted April, 1863; discharged August, 1865."
Page 373

"Viney, Charles, Private, Co. F, 43rd U.S.C.T. enlisted April 1864; discharged October 1865"

Wicker, James, Private, Co. B, 5th U.S.C.T.; enlisted November,1863; discharged September, 1865."


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