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Afromestizo - The Third Root

African Heritage of Central America

By Kent C. Williams

©2001 - Kent C. Williams, Santa Rosa, California

Persons of African Descent in the History of Central America

King Bayano - Most famous of the Afro-Panamanian kings of the maroon communities of the Darien.

Alejo Benji - Garifuna leader who left Honduras with a number of followers for the shores of Belize (1832).

Joseph Blisset - Founder of the Belize Labor Party and fighter for Belizean independence.

Rod Carew - Panamanian born baseball great who was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.

Rafael Carrera  - President and dictator of Guatemala (1844-1848, 1851-1865) of Afromestizo ancestry.

Roque Cordero - Panamanian classical composer.

Ruben Dario - Nicaraguan poet and writer of mixed African, European and native American ancestry.

Roberto Duran - Famous Panamanian boxer.

Adam Flowers - Colonial leader of Belize who voted to stand and defend the colony against the Spanish in 1797.

Edgardo "El General" Franco - Panamanian popular singer.

George Frederick II - Miskito king - crowned by the British in 1816.

Jeremy I  - The first Miskito king - crowned by the British in 1687.

Lloyd La Beach - Olympic medalist (track & field) from Panama.

Diego Mendez - Was with Columbus on his fourth voyage (to Central America - 1502).

Carlos Mendoza - President of Panama during the building the Panama Canal.

King Miguel - Organized one of the first major slave rebellions in Latin-American history (Honduras - 1555) 

Benjamin Nicholas - Famous Garifuna painter and artist from Belize.

Nuflo de Olano - Afro-Hispanic nobleman, he was with Balboa when he "discovered" the Pacific in 1513.

George Price - Founder of the People's Unity Party and served as  first Prime Minister of Belize (1981-1993)

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