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Afromestizo - The Third Root

African Heritage of Central America

By Kent C. Williams

©2001 - Kent C. Williams, Santa Rosa, California

Post Script

I would like to dedicate this paper to my friend William Jones. His curiosity and questions regarding the history of black people in Central America inspired me to write these pages. Also to professor Walter Turner and anthropologist J. A. Rogers for their inspiration.

My interest in the story of  black Central America began after traveling to the region on several occasions during the 1990's. In an effort to know more about the history and culture of my wife's country (El Salvador) I took my strong interest in history and ethnic studies and focused that interest on the history of Central Americas 1.3 million persons of African descent. I soon discovered that as an ethnic group black people in Central America had been given little attention in most of the mainstream histories of the region. I wanted to show through my manuscript that persons of African descent have also made a significant contribution to this part of the world.

With a growing Central American population in the United States, I hope this paper might also serve to demonstrate to both the Central-American and African-American communities that they do share some of the same history. It is only through a greater understanding of each others culture and history that we can come to realize that we are all connected to one another in the great family circle that is humankind.


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