Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Big Pigs and Tight Sleeping Quarters

Tony and Elaine Dorty

Tony and Elaine arrived in Cowtown at pitch black o’clock and were introduced to a site straight out of a Mel Gibson, Road Warrior film. They were greeted by what seemed total chaos as architecture goes; nothing was distinguishable in the moon light. In fact the light from the heavens seem to give what was ever there an eerie look about things. Ed’s timely appearance kept them both from screaming at the top of their lungs and running for tilt for the truck. This behavior would have been brought on by the appearance of huge shapes moving about in the half moon light. Ed told us they were pigs, big pigs, really big pigs.

This out of the way, they both being tired sought out their sleeping quarters. Opting not to sleep in the cabins huts what ever they were because the Keeylocko residents, meaning the pigs had access to them too. Heaven forbid and what a horrible awakening it would be, to be licked in the face and awakened from a dead sleep by a pig the size of a Dodge hemi engine. That night and subsequent ones would prove to be a challenge in the comfortable sleep department. The bunk the Dortys slept in required that they both turn at the same time, in unison, the same way. This went on for 3 nights straight; the other had to be wakened so they both good rotate, 3 and 4 times a night. It is a wonder they got any sleep at all.

This is a true story.

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