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An Escape Of The Mind - Thurman W. Adams

An Escape of the Mind

By Thurman W. Adams

©Thurman W. Adams

An escape of the mind is called memory to some.
You can go back into your past, then back to the present you come.
The past and the present but not the future makes,
what you are today, your own personality traits.

Bold and brave, shy and withdrawn, are some of the ways
our memory molds us; the way our mind behaves.
Our childhood remembrances into the future with us will go,
and this into our psyche's makeup, our memory will bestow.

A childhood so mid, void of gentle nurturing ways,
on into adulthood, in our memory this stays.
Does this make us, as adults, unloving, uncaring, so totally cold
or do we compensate for this, being warm, outgoing and bold?

A childhood full of warmth, loving touch, feeling so secure,
is the future memory we will have, the one from before.
Is this type memory, the one of love, we will relate
or are some parents' minds twisted, turning love into hate?

My childhood memories are of both kinds, the good and the bad
and thinking back to my youth, mostly makes me unusually sad.
I had the unconditional love of a grandmother but hate and abuse from a father,
and thinking back to my childhood, I wonder why do I even bother.

If you are parents of children still so very small,
oh please, God, do your best for them, please give them your all.
So when your children grow up and think back to their past,
make sure their memories are of love, for those are the ones which always will last.

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