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Underground Railroad - A Railroad Without Rails

Underground Railroad

By Thurman W. Adams


COPYRIGHT 2003. Thurman W. Adams

                  A railroad without rails,
                  passengers, but not in cars,
                  a one way route - South to North,
                  guided at night by the stars.

                  A trip by this transportation
                  was paid, but not by a ticket bought.
                  It cost many their blood and lives,
                  in reaching its end, not to be caught.

                  No dining car for food.
                  No sleeping car for a bed.
                  No cushioned seats to sit and rest.
                  By a conductor, North, you were led.

                  This travel was like none other around.
                  For on the Underground Railroad,
                  you were freedom bound.
                  Praise God for freedom found!


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