Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
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The Gallon Glass Jars


By Thurman W. Adams

�2002. Thurman W. Adams

In my grandmother's pantry were several old gallon glass jars,
for little did she know, they held many historical Americana stars.
The jars were full of hundreds of coin silver spoons,
stamped on their backs, names, letters, stars and crescent moons. These spoons were never used at my grandmother's table,
for we only ate with silver, stamped, "Sterling" as its label.
Those old dented spoons were only used by a few,
it was the black servants which used them, eating their stew.
Only after my grandmother gave the jars of silver spoons to me,
I was able to discover what a treasure they would be.
From a Delaware silversmith, a tea caddy spoon, the only one known,
and from Massachusetts, a Paul Revere spoon, made by his hands alone.
My grandmother never knew, for to her, they were just old used ware,
to be used by slaves and their descendants for eating their meager fare.
I never knew why the spoons were used like this until I was older,
and when I found out, the world seemed somewhat colder.
Did this reflect badly on my grandmother, who I praised
or was this because of the way in which she had been raised?
Now that I think back, it was both of the two,
and all I can now ask myself is, "What should I do?'
I write this poem and the story will be told,
of Grandmother's little secret of her silver spoons history, so old.
There was a lot of history in those glass jars but no one could ever see,
except for the glass jars, the old silver spoons and me.
And now you have read this poem and are at last at its end,
you now know Grandmother's silver spoons secret, this message to you I send.



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