Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.



Dedicated to the Pursuit of Freedom

By Thurman W. Adams

Copyright 2002. Written July 7, 2002


God's gift to man was a spirit freed,
to give each one individual thought and deed.
Temptation drove us from that Garden so dear,
to a world of jealousy, hatred and fear.
And soon man bought man to satisfy his greed,
as slavery sprang forth from that most evil seed

That terrible market for others souls, flesh and mind,
would become a heinous act much, much easy to find.
Man bought man to bear ones toil,
with freedom, blood and life, the seeds of the soil.
Black, brown, yellow, red and all other kind,
proved bondage by slavery to be color-blind.

Adams, Jefferson, Monroe and many more,
brought forth the work to free us from far shore.
Still man bought man to toil this land,
for the Founding Fathers could not agree to offer white to black hand
All that could be reaped was one evil plus more,
One nation under God of the rich and the vast enslaved poor.

One hundred years less ten would pass and go by before,
the souls of the free could hear the cries of the enslaved poor.
As the heat of conviction flowed through the veins of this great venture,
God brought forth great leaders to free slaves evil indenture.
Still man bought man till John Quincy Adams of the Amistad case lore,
agedly stood and vowed, "Slavery no more!"

Lincoln and Stanton sent Union forces of blue,
to meet Southern troops of gray in field of baffle so true.
War raged for over four years plus more,
to stop man from buying mankind so poor.
Finally in spring of eighteen sixty-five,
Lee surrendered to Grant his sword saving those still left alive.

America finally thought it had killed the slavery of the dark poor,
through battle and warfare with blood and much gore.
But little did they know slavery's evil seed was still very safe,
through bigotry, prejudice and hatred of race.
And man will continue to buy man, enslaving mind or body poor,
Until God Almighty shouts this command, "Slavery no more!'

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