Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.



By Thurman W. Adams




�2002. Thurman W. Adams

Are we not the captains who chart our own life's destiny?
Is not mankind each and all the same?
Do we not all come from a mothers' nurturing womb?
Yes and no; we are physically similar but intellectually unique.

Each one of us is the same, yet indelibly different,
as different as nature's icy crystal flakes from the sky. 
Do we all not crave love and affection from others? 
Is it a crime or a sin as to where we seek it?

Should all not be free to lead a life, within the boundaries of our laws, 
a life that gives us the greatest fulfillment which we can achieve? 
I, who turn away from what many call a deviate lifestyle, 
yet I have justified this same lifestyle in my mind.

Why is this, where I despise something so alien to me? 
Am I much better than someone else?
Has someone given me the right to judge others?
Is my life more fulfilled than someone different than me?

As one ages, one spends more time sorting out nature's mysteries,
and as we unfold the mystery of human nature, we learn.
One of the ingredients to any great culture is tolerance,
and tolerance is an important element to achieving liberty and freedom.

Prejudice for so long has divided our culture.
Rationale would make us believe we would have rid ourselves of this evil, 
but no, in the back of our minds it finds safe harbor.
Only when prejudice is replaced by tolerance will we achieve perfection.



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