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A Salute to Herb Jeffries


A Salute to Herb Jeffries

 "The Bronze Buckaroo"

By Donna Halper

 Image submitted by Donna Halper

Hats off to a Happy Cowboy - Part 1

Hats off to a Happy Cowboy - Part 2

Images submitted by Donna Halper

Herb Jeffrey and Four Tones on tour


Herbert Jeffries to make road tour

Harlem Rides the Range


Separate Cinema - The Art of Black Film

"I called Herb Jeffries who I like to call Herbert. He said I am the only one to ever call him Herbert. Anyway he and his wife Savanna are doing very well. George and I plan to attend the film festival in Los Angeles on July 31." Linus Hinton - Phoenix, Arizona -- July 10, 2004



Courtesy of Separate Cinema Archive(TM)

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