Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

124th General Assembly Regular Session 2001

House of Representatives

State Of Ohio

LSC 124 1921-1

124th General Assembly
Regular Session

H. C. R. No.

Concurrent Resolution

To recognize the service of the Black Brigade in the 
defense of Cincinnati in 1862.


WHEREAS, In September 1862, when Confederate forces were threatening Cincinnati, the commander of Union forces for the defense of Cincinnati, Major General Lew Wallace, ordered all men from the city, including African Americans, to build defenses for the city; and

WHEREAS, Initially, the African-American men were treated poorly by the city government and Union troops protecting the city, but this soon changed when William Dickson, a respected citizen of Cincinnati, was given command of the African-American men and organized them into the Black Brigade; and

WHEREAS, The members of the Black Brigade were recognized by the engineers in charge of building the defenses as the hardest working and most efficient of all the laborers who were involved in that effort. After the threat to the city had ended, the Black Brigade was disbanded, and many of the former members of the Black Brigade entered military service and served in the first Union military units for African Americans; and

WHEREAS, Although other citizens who participated in the defense of Cincinnati were recognized at the time by the General Assembly, the members of the Black Brigade received no such recognition. It is only fitting that they finally be recognized for their significant contributions to defending their city, their state, and their country; and

WHEREAS,  The distinguished members of the Black Brigade


William M Dickson Commandant
Timothy C. Day Ass't Adjutant General
J. Stacey Hill Quartermaster
William Woods Commissary
Jas. Lupton Volunteer Aid And Acting Camp

Volunteer Aids

Jacob Resor, Jr.
William J. Dickson
James M. Canfield
William H. Chatfield
John W. Hartwell
Alexander Neave
David A. James

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