Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Cincinnati Black Brigade - Third Regiment

Co. No. 1 - 37 Men

Simon Shepherd, Captain
Marshal P.H. Jones
William Flewellan
Robert Blackstone
Alfred Keith
Charles Harrison
Henry Kizer
Francis Jones
James Kirk
James Ellis
Thomas Stewart
Powhatan Beatty
Moses Johnston
James Copely
C. W. Williams
L. W. Crewitt
W. I. Toney
G. Strange
Alfred Harrison
Isaac Smith
Solomon Anderson
Shadrach Kirke
George Trimble
Francis Bond
S. Napier
William Smith
John Collier
William Carr 
Sanford Lewis
Martin Scott
Henry Johnston
Lloyd Lewis, Jr. 
Lloyd Lewis, Sr.
William Porter
James King
Isaac Lancaster 
Isaiah Mitchell


Co. No. 2 - 44 Men

George Mack, Captain 
Charles Carter 
C. C. Hubbard
William Sanders
Ranly Miles
S. P. Dorsey
William Page
David Ellis
Samuel Taylor 
Lewis Scott
Samuel Scott
Henry Cooper 
Albert Jenkins
Alex Sanders 
Richard Corbin
Newton Garrison 
D. Harris
David Pleasants 
Robert Gaines
Henry Casey
Miller Merchant
David P. Jones
Marshal Ditcher
Norvall Jackson
Samuel Hines
James James
Martin Morris
Robert Smith
Henry Allen 
Amos Brown
James Towles 
Benjamin Stewart 
Harry Green
Samuel Smith
Albert Chapman 
J. Mernro
W. Early 
George S. Allen
Andy Wilkinson 
Walter Scott
Thomas Casey
John Cousins
George Burgess
Edward March

Co. No. 3 - 42 Men

W. H. Looker, Captain
L. Bruce
H. Bryant
G. Ware
W. Wilson
M. Rust
S. Holloway 
L. Holloway 
O. Madden
P. Alexander
J. Mundowney
H. Boyer 
J. Gates
S. Riddle
A. J. Holloway
W. Holloway 
W. Satchell
B. Hogan
B. Hamilton
M. Johnson
C. Corrall
J. Dermegall 
J. Bates
W. H. Anderson
W. H. Steinway 
Lewis Scott, Jr. 
Andrew Tait
Peter Custello
W. Satchell, Sr.
G. F. Butler
Isaac Mitchell
J. Turner
E. Bates
H. B. Renson
Amos Brown
Augustus Gaines
Martin Tilman
Thomas Tilman
Henry Tivis
Arthur Brown
George Whitcomb
Richard Tostson

Co. No. 4 - 30 Men

T. Perry, Captain 
William Hudson
Charles H. Payne
Charles Mazee
Daniel Early
Charles St. John
Philip Willis 
John Campbell 
Clark, Powell 
Lewis Hughes
Aston Wilson
John Hill
Willis Bryant 
John Findley
Lewis Johnson
Henry Johnson
James H. Wilson 
H. Brown
William Hudson, Jr. 
M. Reynolds
J. Battise
William Spriggs
Samuel Ray
Jackson M. Moore
Lewis Stratton
E. Miller
W. H. Washington 
W. H. Bush 
Sylvester Bird 
William Lawson

Co. No. 5 - 44 Men

M. Jackson, Captain 
T. J. Goode 
W. Wilson 
W. Fisher
S. Burgess
F. Marshall 
B. Simmons 
N. Dolsby 
L. Cooper 
W. Peyton 
C. Jones
R. Goines 
A. Posey
M. Raglin
E. Ferguson
G. Ralton
M. J. Epps 
J. Gibbs 
W. Smith
F. Buckner 
G. Henry
W. H. Mann
B. Wilkinson 
S. Blakey
W. Sanders 
H. Smith
L. Alexander 
L. Givens
J. W. Wilson 
A. Triplett
William Fisher
H. Patterson 
W. Smith
E. Solomon 
B. Turner 
C. Jones
L. Griggs
George Harvey 
L. G. Hilton 
Henry Casey 
Robert Butler 
G. Leonard 
Charles Raglan 
William Davis

now therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, in adopting this resolution, commend the members of the Black Brigade for their activities in building defenses for Cincinnati in 1862 during the threat of invasion from Confederate forces; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit duly authenticated copies of this resolution to the Governor, the Adjutant General, and the news media of Ohio.

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