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Hello!  We are the students of Washington Senior High School who participate in the Research History program!   We have a passion for history, and are lucky enough to be able to live out that passion while still in high school.  We don't just copy information out books, no we get in there and dig  for the good stuff. We search for that one forgotten foot soldier and we tell his story. History is not just about those few famous names that everybody knows. History is about all of us and our shared past.

But we don't do this just for us. Why know something if you can't tell others? So we found a way to let our research reach those of you out there who care about history as much as we do. With the creation of http://usctohio.org a few years ago and then the addition of http://www.usctcw.org this past year, we can tell the world what we have found. Please visit our sites and have fun with history!


The Washington Senior High Research History Class is a dedicated group of seniors who work directly with history. Since its birth in 1998, a new project has been picked for the group to work on for each new year. So far, these have focused on topics related to the Underground Railroad and African-American soldiers in the Civil War. The class has gone through the Ohio Adjutant General's Graves Registration Database to find as many USCT as possible. We then created our own database and posted it online at http://usctohio.org.

The students always have "multiple projects happening at the same time. Some are working with the staff at Washington Cemetery to ensure that all the former USCT soldiers there have properly marked graves. Others are working on the site, while some are working with the state to place markers in historically significant places.

This class is very different from other history classes, in that most of the research is done with primary sources. Over the course of the class, cemeteries have been visited, interviews conducted, and thousands of records shifted through. The level of dedication of this group of seniors is extremely high. The students not only take time out of the regular school day, but also spend extensive time outside of school to complete their projects.


This original website created by us features a database of the burial sites of many USCT soldiers buried in Ohio. By utilizing the interactive map, one can find information on men buried all across the state.

3050 names are currently included in the database, which we believe roughly represents 50%-80% of all USCT soldiers buried in Ohio. These names were obtained from the Grave registration Database of the Ohio Adjutant General's Office, which contains approximately 100,000 names total.

Also on the site are complete regimental lists for the men in the 5th USCT and the 27th USCT who died while still in service. Arranged alphabetically by last name, these lists have the usual information, but also contain cemetery plot numbers and grave numbers.

Photographs of cemeteries in several different Ohio counties are also available for online viewing. Keep coming back to this link because we are continually updating and adding new photographs.

We have included many links that we have found to be quite helpful. Among these is a link to a page listing USCT soldiers alphabetically by last name. It includes information about regiments, companies, birthplaces, and other useful records. It is wonderful for anyone interested in genealogy.


This site is a compilation of the research done by Mr. Bennie J. McRae, Jr. that we maintain. It contains information pertaining to USCT soldiers and the important roles they played both during the Civil War and after. With links to dozens of websites that we have found helpful in our research, this easy-to-use comprehensive site has tons of useful data for anyone looking for USCT information.

With links to great search engines, lists of regiments, and a brief summary of the history of USCT, "Getting Started" is a great place to get started!

After spending hours online trying to find hidden information, we have compiled an index so that anyone using our site doesn't have to deal with that frustration. Everything from art and historical narratives to the Union Army can be found on this alphabetical list.

We have people working on the site almost everyday, so we can keep posting new information as so as it is ready to be published. Keep coming back for more because this section of history is expanding everyday.

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