Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

The Making of the United States of America - When and How the States Came to be -Who Wants to be Next?

Reprinted with permission of Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services

Area: 3,435 square miles
Population: 3.6 million (1991)
Racial distribution: 99.9 percent Spanish-speaking population, a majority of which is mixed European, Taino Indian and African heritage.
Per capita income: $5,157 (1988)
Politics: The New Progressive Party (pro-statehood), the Popular Democratic Party (pro-commonwealth status) and the Puerto Rican Independence Party.
Area: 69 square miles
Population: 598,790 (1991)
Racial distribution: 65.8 percent black, 29 percent white, 5.4 percent Hispanic, 1.4 percent Asian, 2.4 percent other
Per capita income: $18,881
Politics: 77 percent of registered voters Democrats, 8 percent Republican and about 14 percent are unaffiliated or belong to minor parties

NOTE: Population is at time of entry into the Union. Date of admission reflects the effective date of each state's admission, rather than the date of congressional passage. While the dates are the same in some cases, such as Florida's, the effective date typically followed the date of passage by several months.

SOURCE: Knight-Ridder Tribune (1993)

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