Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Pages in the Sub-Category "Articles"

  1. July 4: An Occasion of Joy for Black Mississippians
  2. Black Mississippians in the Civili War
  3. United States Colored Troops - Civil War
  4. United States Colored Troops - A Brief History
  6. All Men are Brothers
  7. A lack of evidence - Blacks did not fight for the South, despite what Confederate apologists argue
  8. Major Generals John C. Fremont and David Hunter versus President Abraham Lincoln
  9. The Black Brigade of Cincinnati
  11. Did Blacks Typically Serve as Confederate Soldiers?
  12. Civil War Vets Reynolds, Norris & Parker last to live in Muskingum County
  13. 'Colored Recruits from Sandusky, Ohio' - Sandusky Daily Commercial Register
  14. Tragedy on the Muskingum River
  15. The Underground Railroad Really Existed
  16. The AD White Slave-Rescue Case
  17. A Tale of two Sites!
  18. Letter from a Freedman to His Old Master (Written Just as He Dictated It)
  19. African Americans and Radio - Overview Part 4
  20. African Americans and Radio - Overview Part 2
  21. African Americans and Radio - Overview Further Reading
  22. African American and Radio - Overview Part 3
  23. African Americans And Early Radio
  24. Margaret Garner Archeological Project
  25. A History of My People
  26. The Struggle for Women's Equality in Black America
  27. Attempted Bank Robbery in Boley, Oklahoma
  28. Cherokee Slave Revolt of 1842
  29. The Margaret Garner Project
  30. A Lack of Evidence - Blacks did not Fight for the South, Despite what Confederate Apologists Argue
  31. J. Marion Sims - 'The Father of Gynecology' - One Among Many Monumental Mistakes
  32. Black Maritime History Runs Deep
  33. Memorial to Black Soldiers Marking Time Despite July Dedication: Visitors Are Kept Away While Contractors Continue Work
  34. History of Milam County, Texas - War Dead is Being Written
  35. Race - We're Only Now Repaying a Debt, Despite Injustices Blacks Soldiered On
  36. Origins of the Melungeon Appalachian Sub-Culture
  37. Slavery in the Ohio River Valley
  38. William "Uncle Billy" Peyton (1792-1919)